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Why should I do this now? It's on my to-do list anyway, it's okay. ...No, it is not.

A To-do List may be your enemy. This web app is the enemy of your enemy, hence is your friend. This is your To-do Today Manager. It helps you to plan tasks and pauses for the day (let's say today!), and track progression. Here's a few things you may want to know about it:

  1. Autosave: by default, changes you do on this page are automatically saved on your browser (in Local Storage, no registration needed!). You can leave the page, or close your browser, even while being in the middle of a task, and you'll recover your progression when opening the page again. It would be a good idea to bookmark this page, then.
  2. Set tasks: Add task or pause and edit its name and its time duration. You can also add a task by cloning an existing one.
  3. Rearrange tasks: You can simply drag and drop a task with your mouse to change its position.
  4. Force Mode - “because I have to do it”: Unlike Auto Mode, which calculates the End Time by adding the remaining tasks time, Force Mode ask you to set an End Time then tell you the time duration you need to achieve for each task in order to complete them all in the given time. In this mode, you have a Lock option for each task to prevent it from being shortened.
  5. Additional Information: for simplicity's sake, your To-do Today Manager rounds durations to minutes. It is not well suited to track tasks shorter than a few minutes. For more precise tools (like timer), see our other pages.

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